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As families migrated to America they endured the long ship voages to various ports.  This time frame requires us to make some deductions as to who belongs to what family as do most records before 1850. Due to the ways our ancestors lived our ancestors tended to be neighbors that would marry neighbors. Sometimes we find proof of family links and sometimes we only have the association by location theories that we can try to prove. It is this theory that guides us through their arrival till the late 1700 and early 1800 to mid 1800 records. When I got really started on my Everhart research it was early in internet genealogy research. I found that all my NC Everharts came there in the late 1700's. My thought was if they were all in one county then somebody there should be able to help me. I got a list of phone numbers there and I was blessed to find Doris Everhart on my 6th call who was a Everhart that married into another Everhart line and she was writing a book. She helped me find my mystery GGG-grandfather Emanuel Everhart.  There were 3 Emanuel Everhart males in the 1860 census and 1 in 1870 census for Davidson County. One had died in the Civil War and one remained in Davidson County and the third Emanuel was the son of Alexander Everhart born 1819. Alexander had moved before 1870 to Kansas. It is not known yet exactly when they moved but my thoughts are it was about 1864 or 1865. Emanuel was my brickwall ancestor for almost 20 years. Doris and I agreed that based on what we could find at the time that he was my Emanuel  my father has passed on to me. Doris passed away shortly after I got a copy of her book. I owe her so many  thanks for all of the years of pre internet  research she did. I have recently found a descendant of another group of Everhearts (their spelling)from Tennessee that is part of a group that moved to Texas. His Tessessee ancestors were from Hawkins County. In the 1940 census I have found 4 different groups. I believe that my family and the Hawkins Everhart families are probably but not yet proven kin. My NC Everhart line came through Philidelphia , PA to Rockingham VA and then NC. Christian Everhart had his daughter Catherine (Caterina) while in VA in the same community as Balthzar Everhart the oldest proven in Hawkins County. I am planning on finding the German/Swiss connections to prove our connection.

     The Everhart family in NC can first be traced to Lexington, North Carolina. The first known Everharts were descendents of a Christian Eberhard. Christian arrived in this country in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1744 and then moved to Rockingham County Virginia before moving to near Abbits Creek in Rowan County before 1768 and then near Pilgrim Church in Lexington, North Carolina Davidson County.Christian married a Maria Sophia Carl before 1757. A son John Peter is born 8/29/1757 and a daughter Catherine 8/1762 and a son Christian born about 1764. Christian Sr. died in 1779.

John Peter Eberhard married twice. The first marriage to Dorrathe unknown produced 3 children.

  1. Anna Maria Eberhard b. 2/6/1781
  2. Johann Jacob Eberhard b. 11/27/1783
  3. Phillip Eberhard b. 12/10/1786

The second marriage was to Mary Sophia daughter of Abner Sophia.Mary was born about 1770.

  1. Magdalehna Eberhart b. 3/20/1789
  2. John Eberhart b. 1791
  3. Susannah Eberhard b. 1793
  4. Michael Eberhard b. 11/1/1795
  5. Sabra (Sally) Eberhard b. 12/10/1797
  6. Barbra Eberhard b. 1799
  7. Sabina (Sylvena, Sophia) Eberhard b. 1801
  8. Mateis (Matthias) Eberhard b. 1805

John (Johannes) Eberhard may have married twice. This is not for certain but is likely because he has a Lucy Tysinger bound to him till age 18. His first wife was named Sally. It is not clear which wife the children belong to, but I believe that Alexander and Mathias belong to Sally and John. The rest of the children probably belong to the widow Tysinger and John since in 1825 she was bound to John till she turned 18. They changed the spelling to Everhart on this branch of the family.

  1. Alexander Everhart b. 1819
  2. Mathias Everhart b. 1821
  3. Elizabeth Everhart b. 1827
  4. Britton Everhart b. 1829
  5. Mary Everhart b. 9/13/1831
  6. Hiram Everhart b. 1833/1835
  7. Sarah Everhart b. 7/29/1837

Alexander Everhart b. 1819 d. after 1878. Last known residence was Greenwood County Kansas. His first wife was Nancy Grubb Walser b. 1819. She was  a widow of Phillip Walser. Alexander was the guardian of Jane Walser b.1841.

  1. Jane Walser b. 1841
  2. Emanuel Everhart b. 1846
  3. Mary Ann Everhart b. 1849
  4. Henry Everhart b. 1853

Alexander's second wife was Eliza Hill b. 1837. They were married 8/18/1859.They had 4 children.

  1. Crissy Everhart b. 1865
  2. Jane Everhart b. 1866
  3. Mary Everhart b. 1867
  4. William Everhart b. 1869

       It is believed that Emanuel Everhart moved from North Carolina to Sevier County Tennessee after 1860 and before 1870. There were 3 Emanuel Everhart 's listed in the 1860 Census of Davidson County. One died in the Civil War, one is still in Davidson County in the 1870 Census and one does not show up in North Carolina. He is said to have married a Arminta Cooper Blair daughter of Joseph Cooper. I have found a suit for divorce from Arminta proving their marriage.  She has the name Arminta Everhart when she marries a third time in 1874. Emanuel and Arminta have a son John b. 2/20/1865. Emanuel disappears soon after John is born, they were living near Douglas Lake on the Holstein River. I believe that Arminta's first husband Eli Blair's return and his suit for divorce for abandonment in September 1866 is the reason for Emanuel's departure. Eli had served in the Union forces and after the war he returned home to find his wife not to be found. I believe he found her parents and they told him they did not know where to find her. They in turn got word to her and Emanuel that her first husband was not dead and it is then when Emanuel leaves Sevier County. A second theory involves the story that Emanuel's disappearance was the result of him having a run in with a local ferry boat operator and he left to go across the river on  some business or to see family in Jefferson County and he never returned. Which ever the case may be will probably never be solved. There is the possibility that Emanuel left and started another family in eastern Tennessee. There are Everharts in Jefferson County and further north near Moshein, Tennessee.  I have been unable to find anybody who can help me trace these lines.

John C. Everhart b. 2/20/1865 d 2/21/1939 married Maria Rebecca   Meyers b. 10/30/1869 d.5/30/1929 and had five children.

  1. Lewis Everhart b. 11-30-1886 d.10-21-1957
  2. Bertha (Birdie) Everhart b. 08-30-1903 d. 09-2-1984
  3. George Anderson Everhart b. 6/1/1890 d. 4/26/1977
  4. Mary Alice Everhart b. 6/4/1894 d. 2/14/1983

    5. Cora E. Everhart b. 8/21/1895 d. 5/5/1980

George Everhart  married Jane Huskey in Wears Valley , Tennessee. They moved to Seymour , Tennessee where they lived the rest of their lives. As a boy I would spend time each summer with my grandparents, and I have fond memories of their simple lifestyle. My only regret is that my interest in my family history did not start till after they died. So much they could have told me that is lost forever or is it not? If you have any information that may help finish the family history please contact me at .

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