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Meeting & Instructional Videos

                        Most  of  our  members  are  not  able  to  attend  our  meetings.  SMHS  has  created  a
                 YouTube  channel  to  allow  our  members  to  watch  videos  of  our  meetings  or  other  events.
                 Instructional videos showing how to use our website will also be made available. The videos
                 will be made available shortly after the event.
                                               Videos may be accessed by selecting the Video tab on the left-
                                       hand  side  of  the  Smoky  Mountain  Historical  Society  Home  Page.
                                       Since our meetings are open to members and non-members alike, we
                                       have elected to avoid the cost of hosting videos on a fee for service
                                       platform.  Videos  hosted  on  YouTube  are  available  to  any  YouTube
                                       user.  When  you  access  SMHS  videos,  YouTube,  may  suggest  other
                                       non-SMHS videos that you may find interesting. SMHS has no control
                                       over what other videos YouTube may suggest.
                        At the time the Winter 2018 Journal was being edited, five videos had been uploaded.
                 Two videos were of the November 18, 2018 meeting in which our president Larry D. Fox
                 gave a  Veteran’s  day  program.  The  shorter  version  contains  an  abbreviated  version  of the
                 initial  introductory  comments  made  by  SMHS  vice  president  Robert  Beckwith.  The
                 December 8, 2018, Christmas Past program is also available for review.
                        Two instructional videos are available. One provides some introductory information
                 regarding how to use the SMHS website and its features. The other shows members how to
                 you the new SMHS Genealogy Tree Project (see page 16).

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