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Library Journal Copies

                                         Donations and Dedications Welcome

                        SMHS  provides  complimentary  copies  of  our  Journal  to  local  public  libraries  and
                 secondary school libraries. Beginning in 2018, some members graciously made donations to
                 underwrite the cost of supplying complementary Journals to some of these libraries. A short
                 donor selectable dedication message appears on the back cover of the library copy. See the
                 example  shown  below.  Members  who  wish  to  participate  in  this  program  are  requested  to
                 make a minimum $12 donation to cover our annual cost for each library.
                        Listed below are the names of the libraries that receive a complimentary Journal copy.
                 Some members have already chosen to underwrite our costs for 2019. The libraries already
                 reserved are shown at the bottom of the table.

                 Schools and Libraries Available
                    Cocke County High School Library
                    Cosby High School Library
                    Gatlinburg-Pittman High School Library
                    GSMNP Library
                    Heritage High School Library
                    Kodak Branch Library SCPLS
                    Mary E. Tippitt Memorial Library
                    Maryville High School Library
                    Pigeon Forge High School Library
                    Pigeon Forge Public Library
                    Sevier County High School Library
                    Seymour Branch Library SCPLS
                    Seymour High School Library
                    Seymour Intermediate School Library
                    William Blount High School Library
                            Libraries Reserved
                    Anna Porter Library (Gatlinburg)
                    Blount County Public Library
                    Library of Congress
                    SCPLS King Family Library
                    Tennessee State Library & Archives

                        If you would like to donate to assist us, please contact us by letter (please see back
                 cover for address) or email

                                               Address Changes

                 The post office charges $0.59 to notify us if your address has changed. Please help us hold
                 down our membership cost by sending us an email if your address changes. Your name and
                 mailing  address  are  listed  on  our  membership  roster  available  to  other  members  on  our
                 website. If you do not wish us to list your name or mailing address, please mail or email the
                 Corresponding  Secretary  concerning  your  privacy  request.  Also,  if  you  email  address
                 changes, please let us know. We do not share email addresses unless you specifically request
                 that your email address be listed on our membership roster.

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