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Member Receives Recognition and Award

                        On  November  1,  2018,  Mary  Ruden  was  recognized  by  the  East  Tennessee
                 Preservation  Alliance  for  the  work  she  did  in  renovating  the  display  cases  in  the  Sevier
                 County Courthouse. The cases had been provided, many years ago by the SMHS. An active
                 member of SMHS, she is also a member of the DAR, and the Sevierville Garden Club. Please
                 see the Summer, 2018 Journal issue for photographs of the two cases that Mary renovated.
                 The awards program announcement included the following the following text:

                               Mary  Ruden  is  a  Sevier  County  artist  who  volunteered  her  time  and  materials  to
                        install displays in the Sevier County Courthouse. The cases now display historical drawings,
                        photos,  and  artifacts  of  the  courthouse  and  Sevierville  Fire  Department.  It  is  important  to
                        continue telling our region's history using visual displays such as this and we recognize her
                        dedication to keeping the history of place alive.

                                Mary Ruden and & Todd Morgan,
                               Executive Director of Knox Heritage

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