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Thank you

                        The Smoky Mountain Historical Society (SMHS) is only able to continue its mission
                 through the dues, monetary donations, and the valuable gift of voluntary time members make.
                 In  addition  to,  recognizing  the  efforts  of  the  SMHS  Board  of  Directors,  the  following
                 individuals are recognized in appreciation and gratitude for the financial contributions and for
                 their contributions of time:
                                          2018 Financial Contributors

                                   Anonymous                       Jo Harris
                                   Robert and Jeanette Beckwith  Cindy Parton Hattingh
                                   Lew Bolton                      Stephen Lee McCarter
                                   Roland Caldwell                 W. Bryan McCarter
                                   Connie Daughtrey                Donna Stinnett
                                   Judy DiGennaro                  Randy Woody
                                   Aileen Fowler                   Betty Watson
                                   Jim Fowler
                                           Contributors of Time 

                                                  (December 2017 – October 2018)
                            Christmas Past          Wilderness Wildlife  Sevier County Fair

                                 (2017)                      Week                    Kay Baker
                              Lew Bolton                 Robert Beckwith             Tommy Bake
                              Aileen Fowler              Phyllis Denton              Lew Bolton
                              Jim Fowler                 Aileen Fowler               Aileen Fowler
                                                         Jim Fowler                  Jim Fowler
                                                         Larry D. Fox                Gina Fox
                                                         Beth Freeman                Larry D. Fox
                                                         Judy McGaha                 Shelia Gilbert
                                                         Bob Parton                  Ellen Lamkey
                                                         Marlene Parton              Bob R. Shultz
                                                         Mary Ruden                  Jim Shular
                                                         Jim Shular
                               Rose Glen             ETHS History Fair              Christmas Past
                              Aileen Fowler              Phyllis Denton                   (2018)
                              Jim Shular                 Jim Fowler                  Lew Bolton
                                                         Jane Muldoon                Larry D. Fox
                                                         Jim Shular                  Aileen Fowler
                                                         Donna Stinnett              Jim Fowler
                                                                                     Leon Myers
                                                                                     Randal Pierce
                                                                                     Jim Shular

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