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Smoky Mountain Historical Society


                 The mission of the Society is to perpetuate the cultural and genealogical studies and histories
                 of the Tennessee counties of Blount, Cocke, and Sevier; to promote a sense of pride through
                 our heritage and connections associated with the Great Smoky Mountains


                 To accomplish its mission, the Society shall:
                    1.  Discover and collect any material of the area which may help to:
                              Establish or illustrate its history;
                              Show its progress in population, exploration, settlement, and development;
                              Document its activities in peace and war; and
                              Chronicle  its  progress  in  wealth,  education,  art,  science,  agriculture,
                               commerce, and industry.
                    2.  Facilitate the aforesaid through the acquisition of material such as:
                              Histories,  genealogies,  biographies,  directories,  descriptions,  gazetteers,
                               newspapers, pamphlets, catalogs, circulars, handbills, programs, and posters;
                              Manuscripts, letters, diaries, reminiscences, journals, memoranda;
                              Records,  rosters,  military  service  documents,  account  books,  charts,  surveys
                               and field books; and
                              Artifacts  consisting  of  pictures,  photographs,  painting,  display  illustrative  of
                               the past.
                    3.  Provide for the preservation and accessibility of such materials as may be feasible
                    4.  Cooperate with officials in assuring the preservation and accessibility of the records
                        and archives of the area, its cities, towns, villages, and institutions
                    5.  Encourage the preservation of historic structures, monuments, and markers.

                 The Society meets six times per year, with the January, March, July and November meetings
                 being held in the community room of the Sevier County Courthouse Annex (Back entrance,
                 3  floor;  elevators).  The regular meetings  begin  at  2  pm  and are  always  held  on  the  third
                 Sunday of the month they occur. In place of the regular meetings, picnics are held in May and
                 September (at  1:30  pm), with  the location  to  be  announced  in  local  newspapers  and  when
                 possible in the quarterly Journal.

                 Membership dues for the Smoky Mountain Historical Society are $15 per year. Paid members
                 receive  the  quarterly  Journal  and  access  to  the  materials  on  the  SMHS  web  site.  The
                 membership year is from January to December. Membership can be paid by mail to S M H S,
                 PO Box 5078, Sevierville, TN 37864-5078, or by logging on to
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